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Integration Health Check

100 point check to confirm your integration is fit for purpose

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Score your platform against industry standards to identify risks and opportunities.

Learn what is best in market, how your systems match up and what to do to bridge the gap

Are you able to:

  • Visulise the flow of information through your system?
  • Automatically deploy changes with no downtime?
  • Identify business events, their triggers and actions in your organisation
  • Know the metrics to monitor service performance

The Solution

  • One day engagement scheduled to suit your team
  • Interviews with technology leaders to evaluate the current state, understand the measurement potential, and determine metrics to measure
  • Current vs ideal state map
  • Report and presentation

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Key risks to current state
  • Metrics to monitor
  • Patterns to enhance reliability
  • Educate team for future implementation

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