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Measure By Metrics

Baseline delivery to improve performance

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Baseline delivery to improve performance

Understand what to measure and how to use them to accelerate your business

One day facilitated workshop to focus on metrics that will accelerate your software delivery process, how to obtain them and how to improve them

When it comes to measuring an organisation’s ability to develop and operate software systems nothing beats the key metrics identified in the 2019 Accelerate State of DevOps Report by DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA).

The report clearly demonstrates the empirical links between high performing software teams and high performing organisations and provides evidence-based guidance on the capabilities and practices that accelerate digital transformation.

This research, together with our extensive delivery experience, forms the basis of our DevOps practice.

The Solution

  • Discovery workshops and interviews to evaluate the current state, understand measurement potential, and determine metrics

  • Presentation report on findings, metric availability and techniques to measure and improve

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Reference leading research linking software speed, stability and availability to organisational performance

  • Understand the importance of performance data and identify the key metrics needed

  • Articulate their current performance metrics maturity and identify their key gaps and opportunities

  • Take immediate action to get the right metrics in place, and build better software, faster!

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