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DevOps Coaching

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DevOps Coaching

Our DevOps Coaches work together with teams to improve their time to market, and make quality more than just an afterthought

Our DevOps Coaches work closely with professionals and various team members of the DevOps community in order to refine their current processes, add their personal insights and improve the overall development and delivery lifecycle.


Our Approach

Choosing where to begin

If you already know where there’s friction in your software pipeline, we can make this our initial focus. Equally, if you have a feeling the process could be better but aren’t sure where to begin, one of our DevOps healthchecks will quickly establish priorities.

Working in partnership

Our DevOps coaches work alongside your teams, typically for a few days per week. This gives us a deep insight into your current software delivery processes, their rationale, and the wider strategic vision they’re supporting.

Working with you in this way empowers us to initiate the right changes, and be on-hand to provide the training and guidance for you to implement, monitor, refine and reinforce them.

Making you self-sustaining

Over time, your own teams will build up the skills to take increasing ownership of the process themselves. As you become more self-sufficient, you can gradually dial back our involvement.

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