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Api Integration Lifecycle Goverance

Define an Integrations Lifecycle that follows a Design Thinking Lean Startup Agile approach.

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Digital Estate Rationalisation

Rationalise your organisation’s technology platform and modernise the delivery model, promote standardised, agile and efficient ways of working.

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Cloud Adoption

For organisations just starting out their journey and those looking to better their governance structure, we facilitate and deliver the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.

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Our DevOps Coaches work together with teams to improve their time to market, and make quality more than just an afterthought

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Our Coaches focus on embedding Agile at the individual team level, using traditional Agile frameworks like Scrum and Kanban.

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Custom Solutions

Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform system and data integration architecture, design, delivery and support.

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Devops Radar

Use the DevOps Radar to guide your way

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Measure By Metrics

Understand what to measure and how to use them to accelerate your business

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Integration Health Check

Score your platform against industry standards to identify risks and opportunities.

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